Story Of Yharnam

The Beast plague of Yharnam has led to terrifying nightmares that haunt the streets and through the city. The townspeople of Yharnam have their own hunt but they have increasingly become less human. Unfortunately you have had a blood transfusion and you are not quite human yourself and the townspeople recognize you as a foul beast. They will find you and try to kill you, however that is not the end. You awaken in a hazy fog, a world called the Hunter’s Dream, inhabited by a mysterious old man named Gehrman, and by a lifelike doll, who lies motionless and dead. This place, this workshop, is to be used by hunters, and Gehrman tells you to help yourself to whatever you need there, and not to worry about the specifics of the¬†journey yet. Just hunt beasts. That’s what hunters are good for, isn’t it?